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Where's the BEEF?

Twice a year, we do custom beef. Here is the deal, you pay the going wholesale price for best stock in Benjamin. Beef may be ordered in quarter, half, or whole beef. We take the beef to a local butcher and have them slaughtered, dressed, and aged for two weeks. This dressed weight is the weight used to determine what is owed for the meat. The dressed weight is not what you end up with. During the trimming process the weight may drop by as much as 25%.

These beef have been on all the grain and alfalfa they can eat for at least the last 120 days, they are well fed.

Once we collect for the actual dressed weight of the beef, we are out of the loop, and you will deal directly with the butcher for how the meat is packaged. This is a separately charged item, approximately $.35/lb for cut and wrap.

Some questions they will ask:

  • How thick would you like the steaks cut? (5/8" default)
  • What weight do you want your roasts? (3-4lb. default)
  • How many pounds of hamburger per package?
  • How many steaks per package?
  • Would you like any of the hamburger pattied?
  • Would you like any of the Round steak cubed?
  • Do you want soup bones?

If you are interested in participating the next time we do this, just fill out our beef form, registering in no way obligates you, but will let us notify you. Ordering constitutes an online contract.


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